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Dear Ponerulappan,

I have copy/pasted the information from

Firstly, the local library is only available if you're running Greenstone
under Windows. It's not yet available on Unix.

The major difference between the two is that the local library contains
it's own built-in webserver. The web library however, requires an external
webserver like Apache or Microsoft IIS. This makes the local library much
easier to install and configure than the web library.

For this reason, it's recommended that Windows users install the local
library unless they're sure that they need the web library. Even if you
think you might need the web library, try installing the local library
first. You can always uninstall it later and install the web library if
you then decide you need it.

A situation where the web library may be preferable is if you plan to
serve your Greenstone collections as a full-time service on the web. In
this case you'll probably want the added stability that running the web
library in conjunction with an external webserver can provide.

Please note that the local library is quite capable of serving Greenstone
collections over a local area network or the web (despite its rather
misleading name).

Please feel free to get back if you have any more queries on this.


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>>I had installed installed gsdl 2.72 in windows
>>and linux and was woking fine, Now I want to
>>upgrade them to new release. Before that want to clear some doubts.
>>1. Why should not use local library in
>>webserver.. i guess local library installation also work well in
>> webserver.
>>2. is there any major difference between local library and web library
>> ...
>>I used local library in stand alone and web
>>library in webserver. Just want confirm if i
>>could use local library in both ....
>>Thanks & Best Regards
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