[greenstone-users] libraries for my business

From michael@wellnessrendezvous.com
DateSun, 14 Mar 2004 14:32:09 -0600 (CST)
Subject [greenstone-users] libraries for my business
Is anyone available to build libraries for my business?

It's premature for me to start paying someone lots of money, but if you're
available, or you expect to be available, please contact me.

At the moment, there are two libraries I need to build.

The first library is a library of poems, with audio recordings of the
poems perfomred mostly by children and their grandparents. I live in
Tucson, AZ, and there are lots of grandparents in Tucson. More
grandparents than children (think 'boomers with lots of money'). I want
to create a site where children can listen to their grandparents read
poems. I also want to burn collections to CDs and sell the CDs. The most
time consuming part of the job will be editing the audio recordings
(chopping the first few seconds off each recording, and chopping each poem
into its own file; I record with a MiniDisc recorder, which allows
track-marking, but does not allow digital transfer to PCs; I transfer the
recordings via analog, and in real time). I hope to have a prototype on
my website in the next week or two.

The second library is a nutrition library. That library just needs
look-and-feel convergence with the poetry library. Otherwise, it's pretty

I also want someone to build an application that writes metadata into each
mp3's header, so it's easy to import the metadata into the library. I
also want someone to build a client application which edits the mp3 files.
Ease of use really matters since I plan to create a consulting service
which shows grandparents how to create their own poetry libraries as one
of their legacies. I want all the code open source. The business profits
from service contracts to the grandparents.

I've got an English degree from Harvard, and I've got a big, mobile yoga
studio, with six speakers on the inside and six speakers on the outside as
my selling platform. I am surrounded by wealthy grandparents.

Michael Johnson