[greenstone-users] hierarchical browsing

From papadimi@ceid.upatras.gr
DateSat, 17 Sep 2005 12:13:40 +0300
Subject [greenstone-users] hierarchical browsing
Hello dear members of the list.
I think my question is easy to answer but please help. I have a collection of
several magazines. I organized them in the import directory in the following
way: name_magazine1/name_volume1/name_article1
name_magazine1/name_volume1/name_article2 ...etc

name_magazine1/name_volume2/name_article2 ...etc

and the same way for the other magazines:

name_magazine2/name_volume1/name_article2 ...etc...

Now i want to have hierarchical browsing with three levels
level1: name_magazines
level2: name_volumes
level3: name_articles

without adding this metadata element for each article:
name_magazine1|name_volume1|name_article1 etc...

Is this possible by using an hfile.txt and leave the metadata set intact and

Many thanks for your help

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