[greenstone-users] search types problem

From richrobinson@gtcinternet.com
DateThu, 11 Nov 2004 13:30:21 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] search types problem
Michael Dewsnip wrote:
"That's odd, because the GLI is meant to add a unique timestamp to collection
URLs to prevent these browser cache issues... but you need to click the Preview
Collection button (you can't just switch to your browser and reload the page).
Is this timestamp present in your page URLs?"

Well, the problem resolved itself somehow! Anyway, a new problem - in Search
Types, when I enable Advanced Search Types with form and then plain as the
types, the buildcol.pl is choking on one file in particular, a 700 KB Word doc
with several pictures embedded in it ... if a disable Advanced Search Types it
completed the build with no problem. Not even an error log to look at, it just
hangs during one of the iterations of GAPlug looking at the file and never
seems to get to the next file. I have emptied the index directory, done it
with remove old docs checked and unchecked.