Re: [greenstone-users] Browsing classifier buttons

DateThu, 11 Nov 2004 13:45:47 -0600
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Browsing classifier buttons

Tried your method below. It works beautifully -- except when I'm browsing in
the classifier after which the break tag is placed (in this case,
Organization)! Then it refuses to break.

My coding in is as follows, with your original response at the end -


Hi Rich,

It isn't elegant in the slightest, but it can be done. It isn't easy because the
navigation bar is created dynamically in the C++ code (and there are reasons for

You'll need to make a "macros" directory in your collection, then copy the
"" file from the main "macros" directory into it. This allows you to
define macros that are collection-specific.

Next, decide where you want the split (let's say between Title and Source).
copy the _imageXXX_ macros from the macrofile into your



To put the split in, add a "<br/>" at the end of the _imageTitle_ macro:


If you try this you'll find that you get the spacer image on the next line,
looks funny. Get rid of it by commenting it out -- ie. adding "<!--" at the end
_imageTitle_ and "-->" at the start of the _imageSource_:



You're best off doing this when you've got an even number of buttons on the bar,
otherwise it will be unbalanced (this is getting worse by the minute!). You'll
probably also find that the two halves are too short now that they are split,
you can fix this by overriding the "_imagespacer_" macro to be the length you

There are a couple more things you can do to the navigation bar without editing
code. If you want a pull-down list instead of a navigation bar (see the authen-e
collection) you can use

format NavigationBar "pulldown"

Or, you can change what appears between the buttons (to stack them vertically,
example) by overriding the "_imagespacer_" macro (see the garish collection).



richrobinson&#64; wrote:

> Hello all,
> If I have many browsing classifier buttons (Titles a-z, Authors a-z, Subject,
> and so on), is there a way to split them over two lines so they don't all
> one another?
> Rich