Re: [greenstone-users] Logging user activity

From schild
DateThu, 07 Jul 2005 16:43:30 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Logging user activity
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Following the posting of Gregory,

I am also interested in logging user activities (for statistical
evaluation) such as session length, number of search actions per
session, number of unsuccessful search actions carried out, number of
accesses to specific documents etc. Where would I have to start for the
implementation of these features?

Tanks in advance,

Axel Schild

Gregory S. Williamson schrieb:

>I have set up a greenstone instance (2.6) on a linux box and have it running satisfactorily. [soon to be annpunced to the world]
>We would very much like to be able to see what material is being accessed, but enabling the logging seems to enable only certain events (running the library executable from a command line, for instance). It doesn't seem to pick up anything about what users are doing in terms of browsing.
>These are snippets from the gsdlsite config file:
># Set logcgiargs to true to keep a log of usage information in
># $GSDLHOME/etc/usage.txt.
>logcgiargs true
># Set usecookies to true to use cookies to identify users (cookie
># information will be written to the usage log if logcgiargs is
># true).
>usecookies true
>LogEvents AllEvents
>Reading the documentation does imply that only collector actions are logged, which is consistant (I think) with what I am seeing, so then the question would be, is there any way to log user activity, e.g. what documents are being accessed ? DOes the newest Greestone support this ?
>Thanks for your time,
>Greg Williamson
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