[greenstone-users] Problems in building subcollections

From schild
DateTue, 07 Jun 2005 20:11:57 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems in building subcollections
Hi list,

Got a question concerning the "partition indexes" function of greenstone. I want to build subcollections of documents based on specific metadata values (for dc.Subject). Now all of my documents have more than one dc.Subject value assigned to them (that means multiple metadata values). When I use the partition indexes function as outlined in the developers guide or the users guide my subcollections will only contain documents that have the metadata value specified in the filter entered as their first subject value.
To explain what I mean, here is a short example:

Let's say the collections contains 2 documents with the metadata assigned in the following order:

    doc1: dc.subject = cars, dc.subject = combustion engine
    doc2: dc.subject = combustion engine, dc.subject = cars

If I include the following line
    subcollection filterCars     "dc.Subject/cars/"

into the collect.cfg, this subcollection only contains doc1, but not doc2. The same problem arises for the line
        subcollection filterEngine     "dc.Subject/combustion engine/"

for which the subcollection only contains doc2, but not doc1. What I want is that in both documents appear in both subcollections! My first though was focused on changing the regular expression in order to achieve the desired (which I tried but failed). ThenI tried to do something like
    subcollection filterEngine     "sibling:dc.Subject/combustion engine/"

which did not get me any further. Can one of the developers of greenstone tell me whether their is a solution to my problem, and if so, what it is?

Many thanks,

Axel Schild


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