[greenstone-users] GLI remote client configuration

From Bakhit, Frank
DateWed, 9 May 2007 13:39:07 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI remote client configuration

Hey everyone,

I have set up greenstone 2.72 on my server running Mandriva Linux 2006, Apache 2, and Java ( jre1.6.0 ) I can build all collections on server without any problem.  Am trying to setup a user with Windows XP Pro to build and administrate the collection remotely but I am getting in problem doing so.

I have install GLI Client on windows xp pro system and added URL to the GLI client and when I run the GLI Client I get this error below:


An error has occurred on the remote Greenstone ser4ver while performing this operation:

Java failed: jave –classpath “/home/www/gsdl/bin/java/GLIServerljar” org.greenstone.gatherer.remote.ZipCollectionConfigurations “/home/www/gsdl/collect/chris-collection-configuration.zip” “/home/www/gsdl/collect” “chris” “colbuilder”


Is there anyone can let me know what to do?




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