[greenstone-users] Can Greenstone do the following?

From Carl Andersson
DateFri Oct 22 22:59:19 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Can Greenstone do the following?
Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone knows if DSpace is doing the following:

Generating checksums for files / objects

Generating collection-package (AIC) by linking AIP

Generating metadata files according to PREMIS

Validate metadata

Deal with changes in a package

Generating METS file

Generating tar file

Generating total checksum for SIP / AIP / AIC / DIP

Controlling the location of the final checksum outside AIP / AIC

Extract information from the archive package for export (export-defined

Retrieving records from the storage package

Updating archive package (AIP, AIC, DIP)

Verifying checksums

Log collection, generation and storage / location of file packages

Greetings and thank you!
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