[greenstone-users] Browsing classifier using hierarchical metadata in the Thai language

From DTMartin
DateMon Aug 11 22:16:27 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Browsing classifier using hierarchical metadata in the Thai language

I got the hierarchy to work, but the Unicode sort for the leaf nodes is not correct. (It is almost correct but not quite)

If I don?t use a hierarchy the leaf nodes are in correct Unicode sequence, but if I use the hierarchy (by using the /) they are correct except for the words that begin with a Thai vowel character (sometimes in Thai the vowel comes before the consonant), but the sort order should remain the same.

Is this a bug or do you have any ideas how I can get this to work?

Thanks for your help,



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Hi Dwight,

You're right that GenericList does not support hierarchical metadata. It's not an elegant solution, but you can achieve a similar affect by splitting the hierarchical metadata values into different metadata elements, and use GenericList to form a hierarchy from them. For example, if you had:

Subject Farming | Snails

you could add two metadata values

Subject1 Farming
Subject2 Snails

and then create a hierarchical GenericList with "-metadata Subject1/Subject2".

Included in the next version of Greenstone will be support for dynamic classifiers, which are created on the fly from an SQL database instead of pre-generated during building. These support Unicode metadata values and hierarchical metadata, so these might be suitable for your application.



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DTMartin wrote:


Is there browsing classifier that will allow metadata to be displayed in a hierarchical structure and do a unicode sort on the results?.

I have been using the GenericList because it does Unicode sorting but the unfortunately it does not work with hierachical metadata, The other classifiers don't do unicode sorting

If this cannot be done will this a feature be available in a future release?

Thanks for your help



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