[greenstone-devel] Hierarchy classifier configuration

From Doug Carter
DateMon, 22 Aug 2005 12:09:07 -0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] Hierarchy classifier configuration
Hi all,

I'm sure this is a FAQ, but I don't see anything applicable in the
mailing list archives.

In my collect.cfg I have:

classify Hierarchy -hfile geo.txt -metadata Geography -sort Title

Here's a section of my geo.txt file:

15 15 Asia
15.20 15.20 East Asia
15.20.16 15.20.16 China (People's Republic of China)
15.20.62 15.20.62 Mongolia
15.20.77 15.20.77 Russia Far East (Russia)
15.80 15.80 Southeast Asia
15.80.25 15.80.25 Indonesia
15.80.68 15.80.68 Philippines
35 35 The Americas
35.10 35.10 Central America
35.10.01 35.10.01 Multi-Country/Regional
35.10.21 35.10.21 El Salvador
35.10.31 35.10.31 Guatemala
35.10.41 35.10.41 Honduras
35.10.51 35.10.51 Nicaragua


My question is, how do I create a CLVList that will always include
the entire hierarchy. In my example above clicking Asia will display:

East Asia
Southeast Asia

"The Americas" level disappears. The same is true if I then click
East Asia, Southeast Asia disappears:

East Asia
China (People's Republic of China)
Russia Far East (Russia)

I'd like the index to behave like the Windows File browser works,
expanding the hierarchy, but not deleting anything. Does anyone
have the formula for this?


Doug Carter
Mercy Corps