[greenstone-users] GLI buttons don't show up

From Galina Bachmanova
DateSat, 4 Nov 2006 14:47:45 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI buttons don't show up
Hi all,
we are testing Greenstone 2.71 on a remote server.
One of our developers is getting an error.
First of all she get the error shown at upload.jpg.
Secondly, she presses OK, and she is able to upload this Word file, however
there are not other working buttons besides Gather (gather.jpg).
In the same time, I don't have such problem on my PC while testing the same
collections, I see all buttons and can develop the collections.

Thank you in advance,

Type: image/jpeg
Filename: upload.jpg


Type: image/jpeg
Filename: gather.jpg