Re: [greenstone-users] Hierarchy classifier & Changing VList width forscreen resolution 800 x 600

From Jonathan Pattison
DateWed, 22 Jun 2005 12:10:54 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Hierarchy classifier & Changing VList width forscreen resolution 800 x 600
Hello Katherine,

I don't seem to have got to grips with this yet. My format statement looks like this:

<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td>
{If}{[numleafdocs],<td><Font size="2">[numleafdocs]</td>}
<td valign=top>[ex.srclink]{Or}{[ex.thumbicon],[ex.srcicon]}[ex./srclink]</td>
<td valign=top><Font size="2">{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[ex.Title],Untitled}{If}{[ex.Source],<br><Font size="1"><i>([ex.FileSize]&nbspBytes)</i>}

As for the 537 macro. I have changed it to 790 but haven't noticed any change in the way it displays yet. I was planning on expanding the navigation bar too.


>>> Katherine Don <> 06/16/05 10:16 pm >>>
Hi Jonathan

The first problem will be due to your format statement. Have you got the
classifier node title in its own <td> but the document title in the
same <td> as the icon?
If you can't get it to look right, send your format statement and we can
take a look at it.

For the list width, do you mean that you want it to extend past the
navigation bar? i.e. maybe take up the whole page?
Try changing the 537 macro in gsdl/macros/
Does this achieve what you want?


Jonathan Pattison wrote:
> I am using Greenstone v2.60 on Windows XP.
> 1. I am starting to use the Hierarchy classifier but not all the documents are categorised in a sub-category. The problem I have is that the titles of the sub-category bookshelves seem to be displaying in a very narrow column on the extreme right of the screen...leaving a large space where the titles of documents are. Is this caused by the other documents not also being in a sub-category? I am sure I have seen a bookshelf icon and a document icon display one above the other without difficulty using a different classifier.
> Also, is it possible to list the sub-categories before the documents?
> 2. The default display width of VList is very narrow. Is there any easy way of widening the output? I did try but ended up displaying the list as if it was a flight of stairs!
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Jonathan Pattison


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