Re: [greenstone-users] Navigation Bar width and distortingtsubjgr.gif

From Jonathan Pattison
DateWed, 20 Jul 2005 11:02:34 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Navigation Bar width and distortingtsubjgr.gif
Hi Katherine,

With regard to (2) - I had changed the width value everywhere apart from Working fine now.:-)


>>> Katherine Don <> 07/19/05 10:25 pm >>>
Hi Jonathan

> I am customising the interface of Greenstone v2.60. I have two questions regarding the navigation bar:
> 1) How do I control the width the of the navigation bar? I have left justified everything else and want to reduce the width of the navigation bar to enable display on a screen of 800x600.

The navigation bar width is set to 537 if possible. All the
buttons have widths defined in macros, eg _widthSearch_ (, which
is set to _widthtsrchx_ ( When generating the page, the
library adds up the widths of all the buttons to be placed on the
navigation bar, then works out how big the spacer image should be to pad
the buttons out to 537. Changing 537 should change the
length of the bar.

> 2) The navigation bar button images ending in 'gr' such as tsubjgr.gif have started displaying larger than they should and therefore distorting the text. The 'of' and 'on' buttons display normally!
Strange. All buttons should have their width set to the same value. Have
a look at the html page source - are the image widths the same in both
cases? In which case it could be a browser problem.



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