Re: [greenstone-users] Hightlight of Chinese words search

From Lian Liming
DateTue, 30 Nov 2004 11:12:19 +0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Hightlight of Chinese words search
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Katherine Don wrote:

> Hi Lian
> What version of Greenstone are you using? and have you added the
> "separate_cjk true" option to your config file?
> I think this is a problem with segmentation (splitting the text up
> into individual characters). If you do a query without quotes, do you
> get the individual characters highlighted?
> How are you doing the segmentation? Do you have presegmented documents
> or is Greenstone doing it?
> If the query is segmented, eg "X Y Z", but the text that you display
> is not, eg it has XYZ in it, the highlighting will not work (as it is
> searching for "X Y Z" to highlight).
> If you can tell me how you are doing the segmentation, maybe I can
> suggest a way to get around this.
> Cheers,
> Katherine Don

Thank you very much for reply.

The following is the answers for your questions:
1) i am using gsdl 2.5.2.
2) i have added "separater_cjk true" to my config file
3) When i do the query without quotes, it can only search the
individual character , and the result is highlighted. I can't search
words / sentences without quotes.
4) I don't use presegmented documents.
5) The query i am doing is not segmented. For example the sentence in
Chinese text is XYZ, i am using "XYZ" to search. After my testing, this
does works. I can find the file that contains the sentece. But click
into the file, the sentenc is not highlight.

Sorry for my poor English, If i don't explain things clear, please
point it out.

Thank you for help.