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From Qiu
DateFri, 30 Mar 2007 09:40:34 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Help for a link
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It can be achieved by modifying the "search->Vlist" format. You can add
a query link into the search Vlist like this:
<a href="/gsdlmod?a=q&amp;c=collect-name&amp;q=[Title]" >[Title]</a>
a=q action is query
c=collect-name collect name that you want to search in
q=[Title] query string is the value of [Title]

More information regarding gwcgi arguments can be found at


Sâ–ˇbastien uyttenhoef wrote:

> Hello,
> Thanks for the links about Format Features. I've a other question
> about the links in the digital library. I would like to put a link in
> the search results to send to Creator.
> e.g: The digital Library in the world
> Auteur : Jack Wood (and I put to click on the name to have
> all of the documents about this writer..Is it possible to link with
> the Autor's index?
> Thanks
> Uyttenhoef Sâ–ˇbastien
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