RE: [greenstone-users] Basic questions about Greenstone

From Rich Robinson
DateMon, 14 Feb 2005 14:21:37 -0800
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Basic questions about Greenstone
Is there a particular advantage to making page
images to be TIFFs as opposed to JPEGs (which are
handled by all browsers on all platforms)?

Rich R.

>Greenstone will handle this amount of files without problems. We work
>with a lot of images, all in tiff format (G4 compression). We do OCR to
>all pages (without human re-keying) and import them into Greenstone
>using PageImgPlug. You don¥t need to convert to gif or png format. You
>only need to install a tiff plugin to the user to let the browser show
>the images. Try to get a free plugin. Don¥t worry
>about the images volume. What it really matters is txt volume. You can
>have 1 TB of images but perhaps only a few GB of text. What Greenstone
>will index are the text files, and I think that the limit is many GB.