[greenstone-users] images

From Rich Robinson
DateThu, 24 Feb 2005 15:28:53 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] images

This is a resend of a post from last Saturday - as no one responded
yet. Could someone do so or suggest a better place to go for info?

I've read on the mailing list that using ImagePlug is not a good idea
if you already have documents with lots of metadata, and simply want
someone to be able to see the original image of an HTML or Word
document. It was suggested putting a URL to the image (posted on
another server) in the metadata because using ImagePlug will end up
making a duplicate of each image.

Our situation is that we anticipate that for every Word doc (the
usual format we import in), we'll want to have a link to an original
image. In fact an original book with many pages will be made into
one Word document, with pagination noted in the Word doc. The user
should have the ability to click on a page number in the Word doc to
see the original image. It would also be helpful for the user to be
able to browse the original images by paging through them. I've seen
different libraries use a variety of image browsers for such a

Can someone suggest any such (freeware!) browsers and how to
integrate them into a Greenstone library, or another solution.
Pointers to Greenstone libraries with this capability would help as

Thanks much,

Rich R.