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From Russell Sheptak
DateThu, 18 Nov 2004 16:12:20 -0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Openoffice plugin
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To make a fully document format savy plugin would require having installed libraries on the server, as well as third party
applications such as image magik to handle embedded images.
Fortunately for you, there are already filters out there (mostly in
Perl) that will, for example, convert the OO format files into HTML,
which then can be run through greenstone. Each filter has its own set
of perl and application dependencies. Given the onerous set of
dependencies, this process is better run on a client machine before
submitting the document to Greenstone rather than imposing these
requirements on the cross platform server code.

You might find the following URLs of interest:

(article about using xslt with null filter to strip out xml tags of
unzipped content.xml file)

(filters to convert open office documents to text, html, and docbook

Hope this helps. It shows you likely can transform the Open Office
documents into an input form that Greenstone can use.

Greenstone is basically a specialized Digital Asset Management tool. I
used to write general purpose commercial DAMS. We built into the
system the notion that any asset might be represented by one (or more,
eventually) proxies. File fomats that we couldn't parse could have a
proxy supplied in a format that we could parse so appropriate metadata
extraction could happen. If Greenstone allowed a single proxy for an
asset, then there would be much less demand for new plugins. How about
in Greenstone 3?


On Nov 17, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Manfred Jung wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> I searched the archives and found prety little for an
> plugin. Perhaps I
> looked for the wrong things. it seems that since April this question
> has not been
> addressed. So let me ask:
> Is there a plugin for documents?
> If not
> 1. what would it take to make one?
> 2. is there any documentation for that?
> 3. Anyone willing to work jointly on this peoject?
> Regards
> Manfred
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> Manfred Jung
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