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DateFri, 11 Mar 2005 09:04:08 +0930
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It is designed to be easily installed by a layman, and this is certainly the case for the 'desktop' installs with windows.
It is very easy with MacOS - but you must remember to turn Apache ON. (See in 'Sharing')

Installing on a server (windows or Unix/Linux) is best done by the Systems administrator.
It is straightforward and they should have no problems.  

Documentation for installation is available in spanish at

All the documentation is at:
(en espaƱol)

Go to
and choose 'PREFERENCES' to change the website language for more general information.


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11/03/2005 03:18 AM
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        Subject:        [greenstone-users] request for information

If I need an expert to install Greenstone in Costa Rica (Central
America)  whom can I contact?

Deyanira Sequeira

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