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I don't work for the University. (I was there last time working on a digitisation project - but left to take a better job offer at NT Library)

As for the price - yes we do - my current workplace has a number of servers doing a variety of things, but these prices include a comprehensive support arrangement (I can concentrate on application specific stuff), secure, and hopefully disaster proof backups (cyclone & lightening strike survivable).   (None of these are greenstone systems)



Stephen De Gabrielle
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Stefan Boddie <>

19/04/2005 01:23 PM

        Subject:        Re: [greenstone-users] server specifications

Hi Stephen and Libby,

Wow Stephen, does Darwin University really pay $90,000 a year for a managed server for Greenstone collections? Would you mind me asking exactly what you get for that? That is, what sort of system is it, how much disk space, bandwidth etc.?

We run a number of Greenstone collections both on our own servers here in New Zealand and on leased servers in US data centres. The US servers in particular are fast, have extremely high bandwidth allowances and are quite economically priced. We are fortunate enough to have staff members who are experienced system administrators so we maintain the servers ourselves, including backups and such.

The systems we've set up were all initially for our own use but over time we've started to host Greenstone collections for a small number of our clients. If anyone's interested in having us host their collections for them I'd be happy to discuss it.


Stefan Boddie
DL Consulting Limited wrote:

Hi from Darwin!

I am not a professional Sysadmin - hopefully one with more experience can elaborate/correct me where, and if, necessary.

Greenstone itself has modest hardware requirements - Where it hurts is in the storage/backups for your collection itself and the staff costs for a sysadmin to professionally run such a thing.

Not that you need a full-time sysadmin - but the services of one to make sure backups are running correctly, maintain security, and perform other general system maintenance are essential.

As for the environment - It happily runs on windows and the unix family of operating systems - pick the one your staff is most comfortable with.

I'd do the following in your situation;

1. make some rough estimates how much data based on you current collection,
how many mb does your current 140 documents take - how many documents to you expect to have in a year, 5 years, 10 years.

(of course if you documents include multimedia then you shoudl factor that in too)

- say 1mb a page * 100 pages-per-document- 260 documents = 26 gb

and either

2(a) Professionally managed (for au$90,000 a year)

-  ask your hosting provider for a costing based your expected numbers and other requirements. (support off-site backups etc.)
(this costs us about AU$7,500 a month for a similar system)

- will take A LOT of traffic

2(b) Do It Yourself ( for $2000)

- buy a cheap windows or mac box  

     - $1000 for a  (no screen at that price)
               -mac mini - comes with apache - greenstone 'just runs' - has 80gb hard drive

                    -cheap pc with 80gb hard drive - linux or windowsXP - your choice
- plug it into your network

- use the 'Installers guide' for greenstone.(you will need to download and configure apache or some other webserver if you choose winXP)

- buy a couple of external hard drives and make regular backups - keep one at home (these will probably cost about au$300 each- get 3)

- buy a bigger hard drive when you run out of space.

- will melt if you run it too hard. but you have backups!


Stephen De Gabrielle
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"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library" --Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

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19/04/2005 06:59 AM
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       Subject:        [greenstone-users] server specifications

Bula from Fiji.

I will be implementing Greenstone to build a digital collection called PADDLE – Pacific Archive of Digital Data for Learning & Education.

See for more information.
We are now ready to purchase a sever for PADDLE, I am wondering if people could give me some ideas about the "ideal" server specifications for running Greenstone/digital libraries.
Currently our digital collection contains about 130 docs, but we expect it to grow rapidly once copyright is resolved.  The PRIDE Project has funding for 5 years but PADDLE is expected to live on after the project funding so we want a server to last the distance – or one that can easily be upgraded as the collection grows.

Would appreciate any advice.


Libby Cass

Libby Cass

Information Specialist

Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of Basic Education (PRIDE)

The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji

Telephone: (679) 3232 2787

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