[greenstone-users] Disk space

From William Mann
DateThu Oct 21 00:30:41 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Disk space
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Hello Katherine,

Il 14/10/2010 20:31, Katherine Don ha scritto:
> HI William
> Which tutorial used metadata with spaces? Just geneal tutorials, or is
> there something about item files with metadata like that?
> In GLI we display a language specific version of a metadata element,
> eg dc.Subject and Keywords, but everywhere behind the scenes, eg in
> metadata files, it must be the identifier, eg dc.Subject, with no
> spaces. The tutorials deal with GLI so use dc.Subject and Keywords.
You're right: the tutorial I was following was dealing with GLI. In my
collection I'm only using images and no text so I needed to create some
metadata to be able to organize them: so I automatically create the
.item files using some data provided to me about the directory contents
and in the .item files I'm creating the metadata like so:

<Subject and Keywords>Disegni, dipinti e fotografie|Disegni e quadri|Disegni

then in my collect.cfg I have:

classify Hierarchy -metadata "ex.Subject and Keywords" -buttonname
Classifiche -separator [|] -sort dc.Title

This setup seems to work fine. But if I'm understanding correctly,
you're saying that in my .item file I shouldn't have the spaces?

> To get a / in your metadata you can try / (thats backslash, forward
> slash, is an escape character). Re accents, if your item file is in
> utf8 then it should be fine. If not, please send me (off list) one of
> your item files and I'll take a look at the plugin.
Thanks for the the information.

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