[greenstone-users] PagedImagePlugin: methods of use

From William Mann
DateWed Nov 10 11:44:30 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] PagedImagePlugin: methods of use

I finally have my first collection online and it seemed like things are
working correctly. However, one of my users is complaining because the
Browsing classifier that I'm using presents the information in a
different order than the on-disk structure. That is, after creating the
.item files with metadata containing a Title and Subject_and_Keywords.
The Subject_and_Keywords contain the hierarchy that I want. So I have
something like this:


with the .item file structured something like this:

<Title>My image 1
<Subject and Keywords>Area 51|Section 1


<Title>My images
<Subject and Keywords>Area 1|Section 19


<Title>My images
<Subject and Keywords>Area 1|Section 1

After building the collection my hierarchical classifier would show this:

Area 1
----Section 1
Area 51
----Section 1
----Section 19

This is fine with me; however, my user states that the directory
structure is important and must be respected. Therefore, what he would
like to be shown is this:

Area 51
----Section 19
----Section 1
Area 1
----Section 1

My question is this: is there a way to make my classifier present the
results in the same order in which they're found physically on disk?

Thanks for any insight!

William Mann