[greenstone-users] PagedImagePlugin: methods of use - bis

From William Mann
DateMon Nov 15 22:23:49 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] PagedImagePlugin: methods of use - bis
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Hi all,

I have another couple of questions regarding the PagedImage plugin.

1. I need the screen image in my collection to have 900 pixels as its
width. However if I put 900 in the screenviewsize parameter I get an
image that has a height of 900 with a variable width: I need just the
opposite. That is, I'd like a fixed width of 900 px with the height
varying. Is this possible?

2. Back to sorting. I've tried to change or eliminate sorting on my
Hierarchy classifier without any luck. Whether I change the sort
parameter or eliminate it altogether, I always get my metadata in
ascending alphabetical order with single documents before folders. My
last test was the following:

classify Hierarchy -metadata "ex.Subject and Keywords" -buttonname
Argomenti -suppresslastlevel -separator [|] -sort "ex.SourceFile"

and after regenerating the collection nothing had changed: alphabetical
order. Is this a known problem or am I unusually dense lately and
missing something?

Thanks for the help!

Rag. William Mann
Comune di Belluno
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Piazza Castello, 14
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e-mail: wtmann@comune.belluno.it