[greenstone-users] Hierarchy classifier - hfile

From William Mann
DateFri Nov 19 03:01:36 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Hierarchy classifier - hfile

I'm trying to use the hfile argument with the hierarchy classifier to
get control over the order in which the items are shown. Unfortunately
there's not much information on how to use it. I've created the text
file and I can see that the structure is being build correctly; however,
my documents are never shown: just the structure. So here's what I have:

directory structure
+ dir2
+ dir3

file.item (PagedImagePlugin)
<Title>Title 1
<Subjects and Keywords>dir1|dir2|dir3

dir1 1 "My Test"
dir2 1.1 "Sub-level 1"
dir3 1.1.1 "Final sublevel"

classifier phrase
classify Hierarchy -hfile structure.txt -metadata "ex.Subject and
Keywords" -buttonname Sezioni -suppresslastlevel -separator [|]

So when I try to navigate the structure, I get down to 'Final sublevel'
and that's it: no documents. Do I also have to list my documents
somehow? And if so, how? I have over 40000+ images that are being shown.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong: does anyone have any ideas as to
what I'm missing? Thanks for the help!

Rag. William Mann
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