[greenstone-devel] Lucene: unable to search after export to CD/DVD-ROM

From Yohannes Mulugeta
DateTue Sep 23 23:51:42 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Lucene: unable to search after export to CD/DVD-ROM
Dear folks,

Sorry, this might not be the right place for posting this question. But i have seen some hot conversation over the Lucene indexing engine. So, i a have decide to post it here hoping that i will get immediate solution.

I have built a digital library collection using Greenstone 2.8 on
Windows XP platform using Apache as web server. The indexing engine is
Lucene. The search features fine on the system before exporting to
CD/DVD-ROM. After exporting the collection, the search feature does
not work. I can't search on the exported collection. What is wrong
with Lucene?. I have checked the same collection using MGPP indexing
engine and exported it to CD/DVD-ROM and it work fine □ no problem. I
am using the Expert Mode of the GLI. Could you please help me in
solving the problem? The Lucene indexing engine is very important for
searching the collection. Any help please.

Yohannes M.
Addis Ababa Uiversity

Yohannes Mulugeta
Head, Computer and Information Retrival Center
Addis Ababa University Libraries
P.O.Box: 1176
Addis Ababa

e-mail: yohannesmulu<AT>yahoo.com
cell phone: (251-91)-139-5572

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