[greenstone-users] Overview help with gs binary 2.83 + Ubunti server without GUI

From craig pullen
DateFri Oct 29 07:49:20 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Overview help with gs binary 2.83 + Ubunti server without GUI
I need help so I've created these questions in a way that they can be easily
answered with a true, false or a few word answer. My main problem is that I
don't really understand how the software, shell scripts, perl scripts and
java scripts work together, what order they should be invoked and ultimately
what function(s) each provide. I'd rather take a little extra time to
understand some of these things so I don't try to fix a leaf when I'm in the
wrong tree ? or forest. My server platform is a 64bit cpu running Ubuntu
10.04 using binary version of Greenstone v2.83.


Is an X11 display required for the server (y|n|maybe)?

If #1 = no, can I use a browser from another box and ssh into the server
command line to do anything I want?

Is there a sample collection embedded in the binary release so if I get
anything going, I can see something or do I have to create a collection

Can I skip executing the gs2-server.sh script if I have a previously
installed and operational apache web server? Does the script also do
something else?

Is the 'doc root' of the apache web server ever used to create | help
create GS pages or are they all generated via cgi scripts invoked from a

What is the 'best' java to use (i.e. what was it tested with?) Sun java
or OpenJDK?

Any and all responses gratefully received.

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