[greenstone-users] GLI for distributed access to collections?

From Karen Merguerian
DateTue Oct 7 04:24:59 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI for distributed access to collections?
We have put 2,200 images on our Greenstone server, and we are working on them in a distributed environment in our library. Our original plan was to have different staff members using the gli applet to add images, add or edit metadata, and rebuilt the collection when needed.

While this distributed model works with small collections, the applet does not load for the large collection from our staff members desktops. How do others manage to distribute work on large collections? Are there any settings that we could adjust that would enable more highly distributed access with the gli?

We have Greenstone version 2.8, Windows server 2003 with Apache 2.2.

Karen Merguerian
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