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From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateSat, 14 May 2005 14:22:32 +0930
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: greenstone logs
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I haven't checked the documentation on this but here is a snippet of
the first part of my (default) $GSDLHOME/etc/main.cfg file

Note that events cal also be emailed if a smtp server available.

I hope this helps,


-- snip of $GSDLHOME/etc/main.cfg --

# Email address of the webmaster of this Greenstone installation
# If maintainer is set to "NULL" EmailEvents and EmailUserEvents
# will be disabled.
maintainer NULL

# Outgoing (SMTP) mail server for this Greenstone installation.
# This will default to mail.maintainer-domain if it's not set
# (i.e. if maintainer is greenstone@cs.waikato.ac.nz then MailServer
# will default to mail.cs.waikato.ac.nz). If MailServer doesn't
# resolve to a valid SMTP server then the EmailEvents and
# EmailUserEvents options (see below) won't be functional. Likewise,
# turning off EmailEvents and EmailUserEvents will remove any
# reliance on MailServer.
MailServer NULL

# Set logcgiargs to true to keep a log of usage information in
# $GSDLHOME/etc/usage.txt.
logcgiargs false


# LogDateFormat sets the format that timestamps will be stored in the usage
# log (i.e. if logcgiargs is enabled). It takes the following values:
# LocalTime: (the default) The local time and date in the form
# "Thu Dec 07 23:47:00 NZDT 2000".
# UTCTime: Coordinated universal time (GMT) in the same format as LocalTime.
# Absolute: Integer value representing the number of seconds since
# 00:00:00 1/1/1970 GMT
LogDateFormat LocalTime

# Log any events that Greenstone deems important in
# $GSDLHOME/etc/events.txt.
# The only events that are currently implemented come from the
# collector (e.g. someone just built/deleted the following collection)
# LogEvents may take values of:
# AllEvents: All important events
# CollectorEvents: Just those events originating from the collector
# (e.g. someone just built a collection)
# disabled: Don't log events
LogEvents enabled

# Email the maintainer whenever any event occurs. EmailEvents
# takes the same values as LogEvents.
# Note that perl must be installed for EmailEvents or
# EmailUserEvents to work.
EmailEvents disabled

# In some cases it may be appropriate to email the user about a
# certain event (e.g. notification from the collector that a collection
# was built successfully)
EmailUserEvents false

--end snip of $GSDLHOME/etc/main.cfg--

On 5/14/05, Hiro Mizutani <hiro.mizutani@umontana.edu> wrote:
> This may be really simple, but is there a way to log an access to greenstone
> digital library collection? IIS logs, too, but I'm wondering if you can have
> a separate log.
> -hiro
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