[greenstone-users] Print button - new feature request for 2.7x

From ruben pandolfi
DateThu, 30 Nov 2006 13:26:43 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Print button - new feature request for 2.7x

glad to hear a new release is arriving.

If possible I would like to see a

print button

feature, as in DocumentButtons "Detach|Highlight"

to print the page with style-print.css

I did that for my collection just adding :

<a href="javascript:print()">Print this record</a>

that prints the metadata record without displaying navigation bar and
things you do not need in print.

But it should be nice adding some javascript a little more complex as in
this article:




to navigate between the two versions

Thank you!




Ruben Pandolfi

"...I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship."