Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone 3.02 released!

From ruben pandolfi
DateMon, 19 Feb 2007 07:55:39 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone 3.02 released!
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Congratulations guys,

you are doing a great job!

It took me some time to learn Greenstone 2 but looks like it's time now
to have a go with GSDL 3, is there any documentation on wiki/manuals online?

Are you still devloping greenstone 2 at the same time?

ruben ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
> We are pleased to announce that Windows, GNU/Linux, and
> Source distributions of Greenstone 3.02
> are now available for download from our sourceforge page:
> This is a unstable release.
> Release notes are copied below.
> As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.
> Regards,
> Shaoqun
> On behalf of the Greenstone team.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> New Windows, GNU/Linux, and Source distributions available:
> Greenstone3 v3.02
> The Windows, GNU/Linux and Source distributions of Greenstone v3.02 are now
> available for download from our sourceforge page:
> Greenstone3 is a redesign and reimplementation of the Greenstone digital
> library software. The original Greenstone project (Greenstone2) is a
> complete digital library creation, management, and distribution package
> created and distributed by the New Zealand Digital Library Project. This
> is available from sourceforge at
> Greenstone3 aims to improve the flexibility, modularity and extensibility of
> the Greenstone2 runtime system. It is written in Java, and runs as a Java
> servlet. It consists of a network of modules communicating with XML.
> Greenstone3 retains the Greenstone2 collection building system.
> The binary distributions now consist of self-installing InstallShield
> binaries.
> Download and run to install. Ant is still used for running and configuring
> Greenstone3. This comes bundled in the distribution.
> Major changes for the Greenstone3 runtime (compared to v3.01) are listed
> below.
> Following that is a summary of changes to the collection building system
> (compared to Greenstone2 version 2.72).
> Runtime changes:
> ------------------
> * Much more use of CSS in the interface.
> * No Greenstone3 java based collection building. Only uses Greenstone2 style
> Perl + GLI collection building. So no need for mysql anymore.
> * SOAP service deployment not done by default anymore. Doesn't require source
> code.
> * Now uses customisable text for field and level names in searching
> * New server program - run this from Windows start menu or
> script. This will launch Tomcat and a browser. Can use it to restart Tomcat,
> change the port etc. Meant to feel similar to using the local library in
> Greenstone2.
> * Greenstone2->Greenstone3 collection config file conversion has been
> updated.
> Hopefully will do a much better job.
> * Now has the same public/private collection distinction that Greenstone2
> has.
> * Now works with standard Greenstone2 Lucene collections.
> * Error and info messages now output using log4j rather than System.out.
> This means you can see the logs even after a Tomcat crash on Windows. Logs
> are found in web/logs. greenstone3.log is a general log, while usage.log is
> just usage information.
> * Berry basket functionality added. In interfaceConfig.xml, set the
> berryBaskets option to true.
> * Some extra functionality moved out of core greenstone into extensions:
> alerting service, vishnu visualisation, greenstone3 java collection building.
> Eventually we'll have a nice mechanismm for installing extensions.
> * Added in a basic cross collection search service. and a quick search box on
> the home page, which will search over all collections.
> Collection building changes:
> -----------------------------
> Greenstone v3.02 uses Greenstone2 collection building and GLI. This release
> uses version 2.72 code with the following changes (note, these changes will
> also be available in the next Greenstone2 release):
> * New classifier: RecentDocumentsList. Can be used to build a list of
> recently
> added/modified documents in the collection. Uses lastmodified metadata.
> * New option to GenericList: sort_using_unicode_collation, which sorts e
> acute
> next to e.
> * Some of the GLI functionality is disabled for Greenstone 3, for example,
> exporting to CDROM.
> * Metadata editing in GLI has been speeded up.
> * Disabling of GLI value trees. In normal mode, when a collection is opened,
> all the metadata.xml files are skimmed to generate a list of metadata element
> names, and the previous values trees for each element. This can be slow for
> collections with a lot of metadata. We have added a switch to disable this,
> making opening a collection much faster. In this mode, the value trees will
> not be available, and the list of metadata elements (in index and format
> panes)
> may be incomplete. It is only useful for collections with very large amounts
> of metadata, for example, large exploded CDS/ISIS databases.
> To put a collection in this mode, you need to make sure it is not open in
> GLI,
> then edit the collect/<collname>/<collname>.col file and add
> <Argument name="skimfile">false</Argument>
> to the list of Arguments.
> * GEMS now works with Greenstone 3
> * MG, MGPP and Lucene have been removed from the main Greenstone CVS tree
> and put into a separate package: indexers, so they can be easily shared
> between Greenstone2 and Greenstone3.
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