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DateWed Aug 6 11:04:33 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: [greenstone-devel] small customization issues
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Hi Zachary

Answer for question 1:
The file GSDL/images/style.css is the style sheet for the greenstone
pages. You can change style there or create your own style sheet. An
instruction about how to do it is available at:

Open the style.css file with a text editor. It can be found that the
banner titles and collection title have been set to lowercase
(text-transform: lowercase) as default. Setting the value of
text-transform to "capitalize" will capitalize the titles. A related CSS
info is at: http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_text_text-transform.asp.

Answer for question 2:
Open the file Greenstone → etc → main.cfg in a text editor.
Locate the macrofiles list:

# The list of display macro files used by this receptionist
macrofiles tip.dm style.dm base.dm query.dm help.dm pref.dm about.dm
document.dm browse.dm status.dm authen.dm users.dm html.dm
extlink.dm gsdl.dm extra.dm home.dm collect.dm docs.dm
bsummary.dm gti.dm gli.dm nav_css.dm usability.dm

Change the text "home.dm" to "yourhome.dm". Save and close the file, then
restart the server. The yourhome page will be displayed instead.


> I am working on modifying my Greenstone install and I have two issues
> that I have been working on.
> 1. I have modified several lines in my english.dm file such as
> About page {About MYSITE}
> But when I view the page all the text appears lower case like "about
> mysite"
> Is there some options that makes everything lower case and if so can it
> be changed so it does not change the case on me.
> 2. I am creating my own home page in yourhome.dm and would like to
> place a few browse links on this new page.
> My browse would be the browsing classifiers that I have already created,
> I just don't know what macro to use to create them on my new home page.
> Thanks
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