Volume 3, No. 12

pp.59-60 Editorial review of the positive aspects of the year: the arrival of the new Governor, the benevolence of the Governor towards Maori, his arbitration between Maori and Pakeha to settle land sales. Review of the bad habits of singing ditties and being drunk in town by Maori as learned from corrupt Pakeha, the treatment of women, theft, the unrest at Pēwhairangi [Bay of Islands] and Hokianga caused by dissenting Pakeha among Maori, the theft of Te Raiti's horses, the theft of Te Ingatene's horses, and the connotations associated with such behaviour.
pp.60-61 Land purchase transaction
Notification of the acceptable procedure for Maori to make land available for Pakeha settlement, with examples of transactions by Ngāti Pāoa of Rangitoto to Te Pepene [Fairburn?], and Whangaparāoa to the Governor, by Ngāti Whātua of Te Weiti to Te Tēra, and to Te Moa [Moore].
Publication of the agreed transaction by Ngāti Pāoa, Ngāti Maru and Te Patukirikiri for Waiheke; notice of agreement between Ngāti Pāoa and Ngāti Maru to restore to Ngāti Maru their established settlements [named], as authorised by Te Kahukoti and others [named], and witnessed by Taone Mākarini [Donald McLean].
Notice of agreement between Ngāti Pāoa and Ngāti Maru to assign to Ngāti Pāoa as their settlements Ōmaru, Awawaroa, and Māwe in the region from Kaikuku to Tirahopuhopu, authorised by Matiu.
Notice of agreement between Ngāti Pāoa and Ngāti Maru regarding various named settlements, authorised by Te Ruinga, Matiu, and Hoani, and witnessed by Tane Mākarini [Donald McLean].
p.61 Statement with 22 signatories, including Te Kauae, Wiremu Tarapīpipi, and Te Waharoa about the status and history of Maungatapu; charts the territory from Kōtoretoto to Te Awaroa to the summit of Hangawera; lists the names of localities, of leaders, and the relevance to Ngāti Pare, Ngāti Koura and Ngāti Werewere. Recites the narrative of Maungatapu beginning with the whakapapa [genealogy] from Mura to Te Kauae, the battle between Ngāti Tāwhaki and Hauā and Hape, the revenge for Werewere, the instruction of Taha at Tokerau [fortified village] to Hauā and Hape, the betrothal of Hauā and Hape to Paretapu and Pareomaoma, the arrival of Ngāti Tāwhaki at Pakarau while the Ngāti Maingako men were away eeling, and Pupu's boast to Pare about the revenge for Werewere.
p.62 [Notices]
Address to Maori warning them not to congregate or assemble to talk at the entrance of townships.
Invitation from the Wesleyan Church of Auckland to Maori to learn arithmetic, and English.
Reward to any Maori who returns a missing cutter.
Situations vacant for 50 workers at Aotea by Te Apakarame [Peter Abercrombie] and Pene Rori [F. S. Peppercorne].