Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 3

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and circulation details.
pp.1-2 A story about the bringing of the Gospel to New Zealand by [Samuel] Marsden
Describes Marsden's arrival in New Zealand in 1814, his Christmas Day service, the establishment of a [CMS] mission station with the help of Ruatara, the arrival of Wesleyan missionary, [Samuel] Leigh, and Marsden's return in 1819 accompanied by Maori travellers Tui [Tuai?] and Tetere [Tītore?].
The Church from which [`People from whom...' in later issues] the Scriptures came
Discusses ways in which the people of Israel disregarded God's provisions and instructions by building idols, complaining about their food and other activities. Discusses Moses, Aaron, and the teachings of Paul.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Letter from Ehekiere
Supports advice given in earlier issues to build houses with several rooms. Quotes Matthew 6:6 to support this. Warns that failure to do so will prevent the Holy Spirit coming to New Zealand.
pp.2-3 Editorial reply agreeing with the previous item.
The keys of the kingdom
Argues against claims by the Roman Catholic Church that the keys of heaven, spoken of by Christ, are held by the Pope. Warns readers to beware of false prophets.
Includes scriptural quotations.
A child from Aotea School lost upon a mountain at Te Whakamaru
From Te Kina [WMMS missionary Thomas Skinner?], Motukaraka, Aotea
Reports the finding of a school pupil, Hōne, who went missing while on a bushcutting expedition, and who had survived on berries for six days.
pp.3-4 The Church after Christ
Discusses Church history from the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. Covers various popes, bishops, other identities, and events of the period.
To the Editor of Te Haeata
Letter from Te Mānihera [CMS missionary Robert Maunsell]
Reports the amount of money collected by various groups for spreading the Gospel and other projects, such as building materials for a new church at Tuakau.
Save the Queen
Song for Queen Victoria written by J.H. [WMMS missionary John Hobbs?].