Volume 6, No. 3

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THE MAORI MESSENGER. TE KARERE MAORI. VOL. VI.] AUCKLAND, FEB. 15, 1859. AKARANA, PEPUERE 15, 1859. [No. 3, THE ANNIVERSARY REGATTA. The Regatta of 1859 was one of the very best that ever look place in Auckland. In consequence of the 29th of January the day on which the City of Auckland was founded—falling on a Saturday, and that day being an inconvenient one for men of business, the festival was postponed until Monday the 31st, when it was celebrated with all becoming honour. The weather was charming, and, as the day wore, a fine and steady breeze set in which enabled the sailing vessels to display their powers to the best advantage. It was a source of much satisfaction to every one to witness the deep interest taken by the Natives, and the cordiality with which they contributed to the sports of the day. Not only did they come forward with their fine Waka Taua Canoes, but entered four out of the seven whale boats that competed in the first race, in which, but for the breaking of an oar, there was a great proba- bility of the Kahawai proving the winner. The accident was much to be regretted, and will, no doubt, lead the parties who suffered by it to provide themselves with a pare oar or two on future occasions. TE REIHI KAIPUKE O TE TAU 1859. Katahi ano te reihi pai rawai turia ki Aka- rana ko te reihi o te tau 1859. I taka ki te Hatarei te 29 o nga ra o Hanuere, ara, te ra i nohoia mataatia ai a Akarana e te Pakeha; na reira nekehia atu ana te ra reihi ki te Mane, ki te 51 o nga ra, he ra raru hoki te Hatarei ki nga kai hoko o te taone. No te Mane ka turia te reihi, he rangi pai rawa taua rangi, no te tatanga ki te awatea katahi ka pa te hau, tika ana i reira te mahi a nga kaipuke, a nga poti hera, ma te hau ano hoki ka kitea ai te tere o tetahi o tetahi. Kati te mea i tino pai ai nga tangata katoa, ko te ahuareka o nga tangata Maori ki enei reihi, ehara i te mea ko ana waka papai anake i whakatapokoria, e wha hoki poti a ratou a nga Maori i roto i nga poti weera e whitu i whakatapokoria ki te reihi tuatahi; na te whatinga anake o te hoe te riro ai i a Kahawai tenei reihi; na, tona raru na; ki te mea pea ka reihi ano enei ta- ngata a muri ake nei, ka mahara pea ki te uta i tetahi atu hoe ki runga ki to ratou poti, mo te whatinga hoki o tetahi ka tango ki tetahi.