Volume 2, No. 12

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TE KARERE MAORI. VOL. II.] AUCKLAND, DEC. 51, 1856.——AKARANA, TIHEMA 31, 1856. [No. 12. THE year 1856 is now come to an end, and there are circumstances connected with It which call for some consideration on the part of our Native readers. We shall first draw attention to the nec- essity of marking the rapidity with which time flies away. We cannot avert its pro- gress more than we can influence the flow- ing and ebbing of the tides. Night and day follow each other in rapid succession, and we should ask ourselves whether we have turned the various nights and days of the past year to good account or not. Many will admit that much of their time has been idly spent; that they have not cultivated so much land or acquired so much wealth as they might have done, if they had only been more industrious. Some might have built better bouses, others might have fenced more land, and sown it with grass to feed their horses and cattle, when its strength had been ex- hausted by a rotation of crops. A few days spent in this way would be much more pro- fitable, and lead to greater happiness, than to be wasting nights and days in endless discussions and talking about the prices of articles; in brooding over imaginary evils, or resenting wrongs that frequently arise from the fact that those who indulge in talk- ing of these things, and creating such mis- KUA tae nei te tau 1856 ki tona mutunga; a he tini nga mea o tenei tau hei whakaaroaro- nga mo nga tangata Maori kai korero o tenei Pukapuka.

Kei te mea matati hei manakitanga ma tatou. Ko te rere maro tonu o nga ra o nga i Po, o nga Marama, ekore hoki e taea te pu- ru enei, ina ekore e taea e tatou te puru te paringa mai me te timunga atu o te tai, e ka- I kakama tonu ana nga ra ki nga po te tuho- no hono kia ratou i nga Marama katoa, a kia ui tatou kia tatou ano, tenei ranei kua mahia i pakia e tatou aua ra me aua po, e whakaae • pea te tokomaha i noho mangere ratou, a kahore i nui te wahi ngakinga a ratou, whai I hoki kahore i whai taonga ma ratou, i to ra tou kahu kore ki te mahi, penei mei mahi; kua noho ratou i te whare pai, a kua nui te 1 wahi o te maara kua kapi i te taepa, a kua i ruia ki te taru taru, hei kai ma a ratou Hoi- ho me nga kau, ara ko nga whetengi me pe- nei, kia penei koa he mahi mo etahi Kau ano, o nga ra, he nui te koha ki te ngakau, i te noho atahua; he he rawa hoki no te mahi hameme i nga ra me nga po katoa, a he ko- whetewhete ki nga tikanga hoko boko, ki