Pukapuka 1, Nama 2

whārangi 2  (32 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua1
3titiro ki te whārangi o muri

Tirohia ngā kupu whakataki o tēnei niupepa



It is not, we presume, genially known that Teira, who sold the famous

600 acres of land at Waitara to the New Zealand Government, admits, now,

that the land was not his own. This admission was openly made in. the

presence of many credible witnesses, to whom he pointed out lands within

the disputed block as the personal property of William King. Teira stated

most emphatically that, independently of Kingi's claims, that he, Kingi, held

in trust many allotments belonging to absentees, and that they were also

included in the land surveyed by Government.

Teira made a farther confession, namely, that he acted wrongly in ceding

the land in question, he having no proper title apart from King, and that the

notable 600 acres was, as King had previously declared, " the bed-room of

us all. "

" It" [i. e. the Waitara] says the heroic Teira, " does not belong to one

man. Each man has a piece. The site of the pa we now occupy belongs

to Pirikawau and Koro. The marshy ground is William King's. The land

beyond [i. e. adjoining] the soldiers' barracks belongs to William King. The

side [taha] towards Waitara [the Waitara river] is William King's. The

side inland of the soldiers' fortress or camp belongs also to William King. "

. Prior to the commencement of hostilities at New Plymouth it was asked,

" Has the Taranaki land claim been thoroughly investigated ? If so, when—

where—and by whom?" We may be permitted to add, What will the

British, public think of Teira's confession in the face of Colonel Gore Browne's

trustworthy despatches ?



Steadfastly adhere to Christianity, steadfastly adhere to Love; stead-

fastly adhere to Law. Is anything beyond this worthy of your consider-

ation ?

" The Gospel is not purchasable, it is a free gift, held out for all.

" In former times, O Maori, thy god was Uenuku the man eater; but

to day, you have another God, even the mighty God of heaven.

" Let war be ended in New Zealand between the European and Maori.

'• Let all crimes, whether great or small, be adjudged according to law,

though the evil spirit may set himself up to counteract this advice. "