Pukapuka 9, Nama 18

whārangi 163  (8 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua162
164titiro ki te whārangi o muri



ana tetahi whenua Id roto ki etahi takiwa he mea whakatu i raro i taua Ture hou, a e hira atu ana i te mea kotahi, hei reira ka. kiia taua whenua kei roto ia i te takiwa i ta.koto ai te nuinga o taua whenua.

83. Ko nga pukapuka tukunga whenua katoa o tau. ana ki tetahi whenua e mau ana ki te tangata i raro i tetahi Tuhinga-whakamaharatanga take, ka takiruatia katoatia aua tu pukapuka katoa, ko tetahi he kapi no tetahi; a ko te whakaaturanga o to whenua, i roto i aua pukapuka, me ata tika rawa he whakaaturanga e matauria ai taua whenua. Me apiti ki aua tu pukapuka katoa, mo whakaahua Id runga ranei, tetahi mapi o to whenua kua korerotia Id roto, he mea whakaahua mai no to ma.pi kua kawea ki roto ki te Koot.i takoto ai. Ko tetahi o aua pukapuka tuku me kawe ki roto Id to Kooti Whenua Maori o te takiwa takoto ai, ko tetahi me hoatu ki te tangata e tika ana kia riro mana.

84. Kei nga pukapuka moketetanga katoa e pono ana he Maori etahi, tetahi ranei, o nga tangata i uru ki nga mahinga e korerotia ana i roto, me tuhituhi marire ki roto etahi kupu penei na te tikanga ara, " e kore e tika e kore e taea, e to tangata ake i tukua ki a ia te mokete, te tango te hoko atu ranei, i te whenua i roto i taua mokete, ahakoa nga tikanga e mau ana i roto i " Te Ture Tuku Whenua, 1870," "Te Ture Whakatikatika 1871 i to Ture Tuku Whenua, 1870," ranei. Ko nga pukapuka mokete katoa, ahakoa he mea kua mahia i mua ai ka mahia a mua ake ranei, me korero ona tikanga i roto me to mea kua tuhia rawatia ano ki roto aua kupu whaka- kahore i te tango i te whenua ; a ki to tuhia ki roto, ki waho ranei, o aua pukapuka mokete etahi kupu panui hei whakakahore i tenei tikanga. kia kore e mana, kia pehea ranei, ahakoa me kore rawa atu e whai tikanga aua kupu panui ka tuhia ra hei pora.

85. E mea ana tenei tekiona e kore katoa atu e maua tetahi pukapuka tukunga whenua a etahi Maori ki tetahi tangata o hara i to tangata o te iwi Maori ki to kore e ata whakamara- matia nga tikanga o roto ki aua Maori, e tetahi Kai- whakamaori i whakaturia i raro i taua Ture, i mua mai o te tuhituhinga i o ratou ingoa ki taua puka- puka, ki te kore hoki e ata tuhia ki to reo Maori ki runga ki taua pukapuka tetahi korero whakamarama rawa i nga tikanga o roto, a me tuhi e taua Kai- whakamaori tona ingoa ki taua korero whakamarama hei mea whakakite i to tika i te pono. Me tuhi e aua Maori o ratou ingoa ki roto ki taua pukapuka i te aroaro o tetahi Kai-whakawa o te Kooti, totahi Kai-whakawa tuturu noa atu ranei, me tetahi, etahi ranei, atu tangata tika, ka tuhia iho hoki o ratou o ratou ingoa hei kai-titiro; a ma taua Kai-whakawa o te Kooti, taua Kai-whakawa tuturu ranei, o whaka- patai ki aua Maori e tuhituhi ana kia kite ia i to ratou matauranga rawatanga ki nga tikanga o roto, a me apiti iho e ia ki taua pukapuka etahi kupu whakaatu i te matauranga o aua Maori. Mo penei nga tikanga mo aua tu pukapuka katoa.

86. E mea ana tenei tekiona ko nga pukapuka tukunga whenua katoa e tuhia ana e te wahine marena o te iwi Maori, ka kiia ka rite tonu te mana o aua tu pukapuka, o mua atu a muri iho hoki, ki to mea i tuhia e te wahine taka kau: engari kei nga meatanga katoa me uru mai ano te tane ki taua tuhinga,

87. E mea ana tenei ko nga tukunga nga hoatu- noatanga nga whakaritenga me nga whakaaetanga e meatia ana kia whai tikanga ki runga ki tetahi whenua Maori, i mua mai o te whai-taketanga o taua whenua ka taketake rawa ki te tangata ki ta te Ture tikanga i runga i te kupu whakaoti a te Kooti, e kore katoa e whai tikanga e kore e mana; haunga nga meatanga e haere ana i runga i nga tikanga kua oti te whakarite i roto i taua Ture hou. Engari e ahei ano etahi whakaritenga a waha noa iho mo nga

be situate within more districts established under the Act than one, such land is to be deemed to be com- prised within that district in which the greatest por- tion of the laud is situate.

83. Every instrument of disposition affecting any land held under Memorial of Ownership must be in duplicate, and must give such description as may be necessary to identify such land. Every such instru- ment must have drawn thereon or annexed thereto a plan of the land comprised therein, founded on the map recorded in Court. One of such instruments must be recorded in the Native Land Court of the district, and the other must be delivered to the person entitled thereto.

84. In every instrument of disposition by way of mortgage, wherein any Native or Natives is or are parties to the transaction referred to in such instru- ment, a condition must be sot forth to the effect that " the mortgagee shall not in any case bo entitled to foreclose the equity of redemption, anything con- tained in 'The Laud Transfer Act, 1870,' or 'The Land Transfer Act 1870 Amendment Act, 1871,' notwithstanding." Every mortgage, whether executed heretofore or that may be executed hereafter, is to be read and construed as if the above condition had been inserted in such mortgage ; and every declara- tion expressed in or indorsed on any such mortgage, negativing or modifying in any way such condition, is to bo null and void absolutely.

83. Provides that no instrument of disposition by any Natives to any person not of the Native race shall be valid, unless properly explained to such Natives before the execution thereof by an Interpreter appointed under the Act, and unless a clear state- ment of the contents thereof, written in Maori and certified by the signature of such Interpreter, shall bo indorsed ou such instrument. Every such instru- ment must bo signed by such Natives in the presence of, and be attested by, a Judge of the Court or Resi- dent Magistrate, and at least one other male adult credible witness ; and such Judge or Resident Magis- trate must satisfy himself that the Natives so signing fully understand its purport, and must add thereto a memorandum to that effect.

86. Provides that all deeds executed by any mar- ried woman of the Native race shall bo and be deemed to have been as valid and effectual as if signed by a female sole; but in every case the husband must be a party to such deed.

87. Provides that every conveyance, transfer, gift, contract, or promise, affecting Native land before it shall become vested in freehold tenure by order of the Court, except as mentioned in the new Act, shall be absolutely void. But contracts by parole may be made affecting actual productions growing on such land, and extending over a period of not more than two years.