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This collection is based on documents produced by Project Gutenberg. Founded by Michael Hart in 1971 with the aim of distributing a trillion (100,000,000) electronic literature files by the year 2001, Project Gutenberg has evolved into an on-going project to produce and distribute free electronic editions of literature.

The literature carried by Project Gutenberg is typically out of copyright and include many historically important documents (especially American ones) and much ‘fine literature’ (Shakespeare, Dickens, etc). Project Gutenberg unashamedly aims at the low end of the quality-price spectrum, aiming to publish as many titles as possible for as little price rather than high-quality expensive editions.

Project Gutenberg is based at on the web at: and physically at:

Project Gutenberg
P. O. Box 2782
Champaign, IL 61825

Donations of time or money to the above addresses are greatly appreciated.

Important note: This collection was last built in late 1999. A more up to date version of the Project Gutenberg collection is maintained by Ibiblio and can be found at

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