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close this bookDisasters and Development (Department of Humanitarian Affairs/United Nations Disaster Relief Office - United Nations Development Programme , 1994, 55 p.)
close this folderPART 2 - Understanding and exploiting disaster/development linkages
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Disasters can hold up development by:

- loss of resources
- shifting of resources to emergency response
- depressing the investment climate
- affecting the non-formal sector

Development can increase vulnerability through:

- dense urban settlement
- development of hazardous sites
- environmental degradation
- technological failures or accidents
- imbalance of pre-existing natural or social systems

Development programs can reduce vulnerability through:

- strengthening of urban utility systems
- hazard resistant building techniques
- institution building and capacitation of local authorities
- agricultural and forestry programs

Disasters can provide development opportunities by:

- creating a social and political atmosphere of acceptance to change
- highlighting the general level of underdevelopment that caused the disaster
- focusing international attention and aid on the disaster area

Recovery programs should be designed to reduce vulnerability through:

- targetting areas of high risk
- support of the private and non-formal sectors
- enhanced management training programs

ANSWER (for question “How do disasters affect the willingness of societies to introduce mitigation measures?”)

Point out areas of significant vulnerability

Provide opportunity for external funding sources to pay for mitigation programs

Increase awareness of benefits that would have been derived from mitigation