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Disasters and Development (DAD) Project Review Form


From Appendix 2B, UNDP/UNDRO Disaster Management Manual. - DRAFT for experimental use.

* Form completed as an attachment to:

Prodoc/Annual Review/Evaluation/Other ___________________________________________


Project no. and title


Proposed UNDP budget

Expected duration


Geographical location

Disaster history (summary) of the location/area: [Type; frequency (every ____ months/years or unpredictable); effects: last occurred]:

The underlying and direct causes of the vulnerability of the society to the known hazards:

Effects which hazards could have on project structures and activities: how these have been taken into account in project design. [Which elements are vulnerable and what will be done to reduce the vulnerability):

The effect the project will have on current vulnerability and risks:

Additional activities which could be promoted/undertaken within, or in parallel with, the project which would contribute to reducing vulnerability and risks:




* Use this form during project formulation, at the time of approval, and for annual reviews and evaluation for projects whose objectives, outputs and activities are set in disaster-prone areas. Attach it to the corresponding documentation.