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close this bookDisaster Mitigation - 2nd Edition (Department of Humanitarian Affairs/United Nations Disaster Relief Office - Disaster Management Training Programme - United Nations Development Programme , 1994, 64 p.)
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Module prepared by:

A.W. Coburn
R.J.S. Spence
A. Pomonis

Cambridge Architectural Research Limited
The Oast House, Malting Lane, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Disaster Management Training Programme 1994

This training module has been funded by the United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Disaster Management Training Programme (DMTP) in association with the University of Wisconsin Disaster Management Center.

The draft for this text was reviewed by Yasemin Aysan and Ian Davis, Oxford Polytechnic Disaster Management Centre; Stephen Bender, Organization of American States; David Scott Luther, Instituto Dominicano De Dessarrollo Integral; Babar Khan Mumtaz, Development Planning Unit, University College London; and Ron Ockwell.

Editorial services, including design, educational components and formatting, have been provided by InterWorks. Design consultation and desktop publishing have been provided by Artifax.

Cover Photo: Mark Edwards/Habitat, UNDP World Development Annual Report, 1988.

The first edition of this module was printed in 1991. Utilization and duplication of the material in this module is permissible; however, source attribution to the Disaster Management Training Programme (DMTP) is required.