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Both within Europe and, in close co-operation with non-European colleagues in countries beyond, many European workers are involved in immediate relief and in longer term prevention of the health consequences of disasters. Yet education and training for such workers is inadequate although it would greatly improve the results of their efforts. The Council of Europe and the World Health Organisation therefore combined in calling a European workshop to address the educational aspects of health in disasters. The aim was to:

i. analyse the problems, and
ii. propose a medium-term educational action programme

with a view to encouraging a more efficient employment of the European educational and research resources to increase preparedness and the capacity at all levels in dealing with health problems related to disasters.

The particular North/South aspects of the problem give this endeavour a special character, not least in view of safeguarding the health of those in third world countries, which are particularly prone to disasters.

The World Health Organisation having addressed the broader problems of the capacity to meet the health consequences of natural disasters, the present workshop has specially focused on the educational needs at post-graduate level. The method proposed for educational action is the modular training approach promoted by the Council of Europe through its European programme for the development of postgraduate training.

In bringing the conclusions and proposals of this workshop to the attention of institutions of tertiary education and research, politicians and relevant regional, national and international bodies, the organisers invite their opinions and assistance to strengthen education and training through disasters and emergencies.

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