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close this bookLaw in Humanitarian Crises Volume I : How Can International Humanitarian Law Be Made Effective in Armed Conflicts? (European Commission Humanitarian Office)
close this folderInternational Humanitarian Law and the Law of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
close this folderIV. The Need for Comprehensive Approaches
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View the document1. Overcoming the Differentiation Between Externally Displaced Persons (Refugees) and Internally Displaced Persons
View the document2. Overcoming the Still Existing Differentiation in International Law as Regards Norms Applicable Before, During and After Situations of Armed Conflicts Resulting in Forced Movements of Persons


The overall structure of this paper, i.e. to separately address the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons, obviously reflects the traditional approach (and the currently existing lex lata). It is suggested, however, that there is an urgent need for a comprehensive approach, i.e. to simultaneously address the needs of those two categories of persons in need of international protection and assistance. Moreover, it is suggested that it is necessary to overcome the still existing differentiation in international law as regards norms applicable before, during and after situations of armed conflicts resulting in forced movements of persons.