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close this bookThe Reintegration of War-Affected Youth: The Experience of Mozambique (International Labour Organization, 1997, 52 p.)
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4.7. Psychosocial assistance

As noted above, the demobilized did not receive any counselling or assistance prior to, during, or following the demobilization apart from that provided through individual interviews at the Information and Referral Service.4 In addition, staff working with the demobilized and other war-affected populations did not have adequate skills to recognize and cope with their own and others' stress-related problems. The training of trainers should at least enable the identification of those with acute psychological problems and should inform the trainers of the appropriate action to take. It is not suggested, however, that they become psychological counsellors.

4 Bryant, op. cit., p. 33.

Training social workers on home visiting methodologies has been implemented by the Ministry of Social Welfare with the technical assistance of UNICEF. A training module on trauma counselling adapted to the needs of social workers has been prepared by the Psychotrauma Institute and will be used in the training curriculum of social workers. During visits to the children, information on additional needs (e.g. counselling, vocational training, education) is collected and centralized provincially and nationally for further intervention. According to UNICEF, at least 2,000 children are regularly visited by social workers country-wide.1

1 UNICEF, Assistance to ex-child soldiers in Mozambique, September 1993 to October 1996, UNICEF report, Maputo, undated, p. 6.