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close this bookThe Reintegration of War-Affected Youth: The Experience of Mozambique (International Labour Organization, 1997, 52 p.)
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close this folder5.2. Implementation of skills training programmes for war-affected youth
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5.2.4. Follow-up

(u) Demobilized soldiers, especially former child soldiers, should be returned to their communities of origin wherever possible and feasible but successful reintegration will often demand follow-up from appropriate authorities to ensure their acceptance and general well-being. Where needed, assistance should be given to the communities to promote effective reconciliation of those returning after the war.

(v) All training courses should aim to ensure that employment is already secured for the programme beneficiaries. Consideration should be given to the possibility of incentives to employers for employing disabled and other trainees, potentially the subject of employment discrimination.

(w) Information packages for training beneficiaries should be in local languages as far as possible and their content clearly explained to those unable to read (which will include many soldiers).