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close this bookBASIN - News No. 12 : Learning from Tradition (BASIN-GTZ-SKAT, 1996, 34 p.)
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View the documentFocus: Learning from tradition
View the documentPaying attention to tradition
View the documentTraditional building in Bhutan
View the documentLearning from tradition: the case of the Maasai of Kenya
View the documentBuilding with local materials and indigenous know-how: rural schools in Burkina Faso
View the documentExamples of the successful application of indigenous knowledge: binders and decorative treatments
View the documentCoping with typhoons in the Philippines: builders and farmers tell their story
View the documentWoodless construction
View the documentTradition and adaptation
View the documentThe sustainability of village level primary health care facilities
View the documentTraditional Egyptian architecture and modern design concepts:
View the documentThe city summit: Preliminary report
View the documentManaging information and resources
View the documentRehabilitation and adaptation of disused or obsolete lime kilns
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