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WSSCC Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation

Edited by
Mayling Simpson-Hrt and Sara Wood

Original: English
Distr.: General

© World Health Organization 1998

All rights reserved. This document may be freely used, copied, distributed and translated, in whole or in part, for education and other non-commercial purposes. Please acknowledge the source of material taken from this document in the following way: Simpson-Hrt M & Wood S, eds. (1998) Sanitation Promotion. Geneva, World Health Organization/Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation) (unpublished document WHO/EOS/98.5). Any other dealing, including the adaption into electronic form, requires the permission of WHO, and requests should be directed to WSH, World Health Organization, 20 avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland. Please note that there are certain parts of this document of which WHO is not the copyright holder. Permission to use these parts outside the usage stated above must be sought directly from each copyright holder concerned. The address information for contacting each copyright holder appears on the last page of each such part. It is the responsibility of the user alone to obtain permission from the copyright holders.

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Sanitation - interventions to reduce people's exposure to diseases by providing a clean environment in which to live; measures to break the cycle of disease. This usually includes disposing of or hygienic management of human and animal excreta, refuse, and wastewater, the control of disease vectors and the provision of washing facilities for personal and domestic hygiene. Sanitation involves both behaviours and facilities which work together to form a hygienic environment.

Promotion - to raise or advance a cause, raise the profile and status of the cause, further the growth and expansion of the cause and to further its popularity. In the public health sense of the word, it also involves providing the enabling mechanisms to others so that they may take up the cause armed with effective tools.

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