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Lesson # 4


a) To explain the auxiliary sections.
b) To review bookkeeping proceedures in sub-groups.
c) To organize their books.


Aids 25, 26, 27, 28



"Should we control other accounts like accounts receivables and accounts payables". Discussion

1.1 Loans to Employees... Have students suggest organization,

1.11 Aid 25. Individual Account and Summary Sections

1.12 Aid 26 Read list and make entries in worksheets.

1.2 Creditors... Have students suggest organization.

1.21 Individual Account and Summary Sections

1.22 These may be divided into short and long term individual account and summary sections.


Review "Guide to Account Entries" and "Diagram of System".

2.1 Stress control accounts: banks, cash on hand! accounts receivable, accounts payable; creditors, loans to employees.

2.2 Discuss value of Control Accounts.

2.3 Divide class into subgroups, pass out receipts and vouchers of fictitious transactions ; have them make entries,

2.31 Have at least as many entries as students.

2.32 Have a representative from each group make entries on bulletin board - every student must make one entry.

2.33 Add up debits and credits to check work.


Organization of the Books.... help students.

3.1 Place Account titles in Cash and Credit Books according to company, Auxiliary Sections are in Credit Books.

3.2 List fixed assets on the last pages of a Credit Book.

3.3 Aid 27. Place account headings (all possible to account for future growth) in Account Book.

3.4 Aid 28. Explain how to take an inventory of merchandise. Using last page of Cash Book, list raw materials, products in process and finished goods.


Set the date of system initiation with each student.... they must have all information required by the "Initiation Sheet" at that date.