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close this bookYour Health and Safety at Work: A Collection of Modules - Aids and the Workplace (ILO, 1996, 84 p.)
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View the documentAppendix I. Policy principles and components: Statement from the Consultation on AIDS and the workplace, Geneva, 27-29 June 1988. World Health Organization in association with International Labour Office. Global Programme on AIDS.
View the documentAppendix II. World Health Organization Guidelines on AIDS and first aid in the workplace
View the documentAppendix III. The Global AIDS strategy, World Health Organization (WHO AIDS Series No. 11).
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The authors wish to thank MED Editions for their kind permission to reproduce illustrations and adapt texts drawn from their publication Aids Facts and Hopes edited by Professor Luc Montagnier (The new update by Institut Pasteur, International English Edition, Paris, 1991); the AFL-CIO, Washington, DC, for excerpts taken from AIDS in the workplace: A steward's manual; and UNESCO: Aids and the workplace, Conference proceedings (Paris, 25-26 April, 1992). Other sources which proved valuable in preparing this module were the following:

Statement from the consultation on Aids and the workplace, World Health Organization in association with the International Labour Office. Global Programme on AIDS (WHO/ILO, Geneva, 27-29 June 1988). Union, Staff Union Bulletin, (ILO, Geneva, April, 1992).

While every effort has been made to contact the copyright holders for material reproduced herein, we would be happy to hear from any unacknowledged source.